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Importance of Dates

I am not a Muslim; but I am sure just like a lot of you, I do wonder why Dates are quite important to Muslims during Ramadan. So you know me, I did some research.

Disclaimer: The information in this post are from research, so they are not my opinion/ideas!!!!!!!!

Dates are fruits of the date palm which grow in the desert; common in the Middle East. They are among the sweetest fruits in the world; they are semi-soft and a bit chewy.

Although eating Dates for Iftar is a recommendation by Prophet Muhammad (SAW); there are some health benefits attached to eating these.

Here is a list of the benefits of eating Dates for Iftar:

Physical/Health Benefits
1.       Dates are easy to digest and does not weaken the stomach; so quite beneficial for a someone who is fasting.
2.       Dates prepare the stomach to receive the food after being inactive throughout the day.
3.       Dates also protects a fasting person from constipation as a result of having low fibre amount in meals.
4.       Dates contains alkaline salts which adjusts the acidity of blood due to eating excessive meats and carbohydrates.
5.       Dates are quite rich in sugary energy; so it supplies the body with sugar which is irreplaceable as a nutrient for the brain cells and nerves.
6.       Dates are also a great source of multivitamins; as they are high in Vitamin A, B6, Folic Acid, Iron and Magnesium.
7.       The level of Iron in Dates also make them a perfect  dietary supplement for people suffering from anaemia.

I am sure there are lots and lots of health benefits; so this list is just some of them.

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