Monday, 14 April 2014

Jollof Rice (Nigerian Party Rice)

Jollof rice is undeniably the most famous dish Nigerians are known for. Although it originated from the Senegal and Gambian regions of West Africa; Nigerians have taken this recipe and made it a stable food and I would say Jollof Rice is now mostly related to Nigeria. However, it is also popular in most West African countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. 

This dish is the post popular Nigerian rice dish and it is one of the main foods you'll see at a Nigerian party; frequently accompanied with Fried Rice and Chicken. 

It is easy to cook; but the usual debate is that everyone can make Jollof Rice at home; but the Nigerian Party Flavour in the Rice is what most people cannot achieve. So this recipe will focus on how to get this party flavour without burning your pots. A myth is that you have to let the rice burn to get the party flavour. I say NO, its all about the technique.
Also THERE IS NO PERFECT RECIPE FOR JOLLOF RICE. Everyone cooks it differently, however, the main ingredients in this dish are rice, tomatoes, peppers, onions and stock and oil. Every other condiments are just to play with the flavour and getting it right.

Easy cook long grain rice (2 cups/225g)
Red ball pepper (x1)
Plum tomatoes (1/2 Can)
Scotch bonnets (x2)
Vegetable/sunflower oil (1 cookingspoonful)
Tomato puree (1 cookingspoonful)
Chicken stock (1 cup)
Bay Leaf (1 small leaf)
Knorr chicken cubes (x2)
Curry (1 tablespoonful)
Thyme (a pinch)
Onion (1 medium--sized)

  1. Blend the tomatoes, scotch bonnets, peppers and onions; without making the mixture fully blended/refined.
  2. Heat the vegetable/sunflower oil for some seconds and add the tomato puree/paste
  3. Let fry for 2 minutes till the colour darkens (NOT BURNT)
  4. Add the blended mixture and let cook for 2-3 minutes
  5. Add the chicken stock and cover to cook for another 5 minutes
  6. Add the currry powder , thyme, and bay leaf
  7. Add the knorr chicken cubes and salt to taste
  8. Let simmer on medium heat for another 10 minutes
  9. Wash the rice under running warm water 
  10. Add to the pepper mixture 
  11. Add a cup of water
  12. Cover and let cook for another 10 minutes
  13. Once rice is nearly cooked with lesser water; cover the pot with a cooking foil
  14. Let simmer on low heat for 5-7 minutes
  15. Stir and rice should now be cooked; not mushy but grainy
  16. Voila!!! Food is served!! Enjoy!!!!

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NB: This dish can be served with any meat of your choice, plantain, and vegetables


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