Saturday, 26 October 2013

Yam Porridge: Asaro

ASARO!!! in other words EBE (pronounced as eh-beh). This is another very popular Yoruba dish in Nigeria

It is quite similar to another dish called Ikokore, which is particularly popular in the Ijebu tribe. However, the main difference is that Ikokore is cooked with Water Yam whilst Asaro is cooked with regular yam. I personally vote for Puna Yam. 

Asaro is basically a mashed up dish of yam, spices, peppers and tomatoes. Vegetables such as spinach can also be added; and can also served as a side dish.  

Those who knows me well will know that I love Yam; and I can eat this in any cooked form! :)  

So an Asaro recipe is something I've been wanting to cook for a while 

Anyway. here is my own version of cooking Asaro in a quick and easy way. 

Half a tuber of puna yam 
3-4 tomatoes
Half red ball pepper (tatase)
1 scotch bonnet pepper (atarodo)
1 onion bulb
Vegetable oil
1 Knorr Chicken cube
  1. Blend the tomatoes, peppers and half a bulb of onion
  2. Peel the yam and cut into small cubes; wash and place in a pot with a cup of water
  3. Add the blended mixture and let cook for about 5 minutes. 
  4. Add another cup of water to ensure the yam cooks evenly with the pepper mixture
  5. Add a teaspoon of salt and the seasoning cubes (half a teaspoon of sugar can also be added)
  6. Let cook on medium heat for another 10 minutes
  7. Add a cookingspoonful of the vegetable oil and let cook under low heat till the yam becomes soft and tender (you can check this with the use of a knife or fork)
  8. Using a wooden spoon, mash the cooked yam, but also leave some yam chunks not fully mashed
  9. This will leave the Asaro with a thick consistency (not runny).
  10. Let  simmer for another 4 minutes
  11. Serve and Enjoy!!!!

N.B: I do apologise for been off for a while; I've been busy with my Msc Dissertation; but I thank God its over now


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I wish we have yam here! such a pity :(
Great recipe!

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