Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rice and Beans Very Plenty

This is another popular dish in Nigeria. Popular amongst every Nigerian tribe and it can be served with various stews and side foods like fried plantain.

It is quite easy to cook too, so here are the instructions to cooking this delicious dish. I hope you guys find it helpful. 


Easy cook long grain rice (2 cups)
Brown/white black-eyed beans (1 cup)

1. Wash the a cup of beans and cook with 5 cups of water on medium heat for 10-12 minutes 
2. Wash the rice with hot water and add to the beans with another cup of water
3. Stir the rice and beans to ensure it cooks well together 
4. Add a tablespoon of salt to taste. 
5. Allow to cook on medium heat for another 25- 30 mins until the water is dried. 
6. Serve with your preferred stew. 
7. Voila!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

This recipe serve 2-3 people

N.B: This can be served with Ata Dindin or Tomato stew (obe ata) or Efo Riro


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